New Site, New Features!

william murphyWe’re still sort of “open during renovations,” but we’re very excited to welcome you to Christopher’s completely redesigned website!  Along with the new look, there are lots of new features, including:

  • Free inserts for your church bulletin (some are up already)
  • A guide to Christopher’s songs that is keyed to the Revised Common Lectionary (coming soon)

  • Lyric pages that include a music player, a backstory tab, and a comments section (where you can leave your own story about the song!)
  • A more readable events page
  • The donations page that some of you have actually been asking for (wow!)

Come on in and have a look around.  If you notice any of the furniture is out of place, or a faucet that isn’t working, please drop us a note to let us know.  Thanks!


Photo by William Murphy on Flickr –
Creative Commons license